A Guide on getting an Afghanistan Visa

Are you ready to take a trip to Afghanistan? Did you know you will need a visa to enter the country? Well, here is the information you will need to get an Afghanistan visa. There are different steps you can take to get a visa. You can do the process on your own, or you can have a professional processer to do the work for you. Whichever direction you may go, give the process some time.

At Visa PassportPro, there are experience facilitators that will help make this process easy and quick. When you speak with an agent, a list with the requirements will be provided. On the list, all the necessary documents and fees will give you the cost of the service and process fee. As well as the time it will take for you to get your visa. If you need a passport, this service is also available to U.S. citizens only.

General Visa Requirements

To get an Afghanistan visa, the applicant must follow the visa requirements; otherwise, the application will get rejected. To start the process, obtain the correct form and complete all the required fields. If the form was obtained from the internet, do not sign electronically. The signature must be in your writing before it you submit it.

Along with the form, other documents go with the application. Here is a list of the supporting documents:

  • Passport size photo
    • 2×2 inch in size
    • Cannot be older than six months
    • Must have a white background
    • S. Passport Holder
    • With at least six months validity
    • Two blank pages
  • Alien Resident
    • Copy of green card
    • Copy of a valid alien registration card, or
    • Valid U.S. resident visa
  • For official visits
    • A letter from your job stating the purpose of your visit
  • Visiting family or friend
    • A letter saying who you will visit
  • Tourist visits
    • A letter giving details of your tour and places you will visit
  • Media/journalist
    • A letter stating the purpose, duration, and locations going
    • Contact the Press Office of the Directorate of Media Relations and Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • For employment
    • Employer letter
    • Sponsoring government or organization stating the purpose and duration of the trip
    • Include sponsorship information and a financial guarantee for expenses
  • Business and investments
    • Permission letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chambers of Commerce, or related official business
    • Work permit and business license
    • Address of company
    • Documents showing the type of commercial enterprise, payment of taxes, and bank account information
  • Health Letter
    • In some cases, a letter indicating a clean bill of health
  • A cashier’s check or money order payable to the Embassy of Afghanistan

Types of Afghanistan Visa

There are many different types of visas available to visitors. Each has specific requirements in regards to who can apply. When you apply, make sure you select the appreciate form for the visa you want. The type of visa will determine how long you can remain in the country. Also, how many times you are allowed to enter. All these information will determine the cost of your Afghanistan visa.

Below, you will see the different types of visa and who apply for each category. Here is the list of visas:

  • Diplomatic Visa
    • Issued to Diplomatic Passport holders
  • Official Visa
    • Given to persons with Special Passports or UN Laisser-Passer
    • Foreign employees conducting formal assignments in the diplomatic and consular missions of foreign countries, institutions, agencies, or international organizations
  • Business Visa
    • Any person doing business, investment, marketing, commercial transactions, guardianship, liquidation, handling of corporate affairs, selling and buying property, and commercial event
  • Working Visa
    • Issued to employees, doctors, teachers, trainers, experts, engineers, pilots, Diplomatic and consulate employees, UN Offices, international Organization,
  • Tourist Visa
    • Any visiting the country
    • Staying no longer than thirty (30) days or ninety (90) days
  • Visit Visa
    • Issued to athletes participating in sports competition or exhibitions
    • Visiting relatives or friends
    • Conducting pilgrimage to holy sites
  • Student Visa
    • International students who intend to study, work and do research
  • Crew Visa
    • Issued to airline crews which include pilot, engineer, flight attendants, and air technicians
  • Transit Visa
    • Anyone who passes through with a valid visa or travel document
  • Exit Visa
    • Given after the previous visa has expired
    • Issued to a person after serving prison time and leaving Afghanistan

Afghanistan Visa Cost

Tourist Visa
Entry Validity Processing Time Embassy Fee
Single 3 months 3-4 business days $100.00
Single 6 months 3-4 business days $180.00
Business Visa
Entry Validity Processing Time Embassy Fee
Single 3 months 3-4 business days $100.00
Single 6 months 3-4 business days $180.00

Applying For an Afghanistan Visa

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents, you can submit your application by mail or in person. If you mail it, address your letter to:

Afghan Embassy in Washington, D.C., United States

2341 Wyoming Avenue, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20008

Include a money order or cashier’s check with the exact amount payable to the Embassy of Afghanistan. If you are in Washington, you can stop by the embassy between 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. The embassy is not open on Saturday or Sunday. Have a money order or cashier’s check with the exact amount.

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