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How to Expedite a Child Passport

The process of getting a minor’s passport is no different than an adult. However, additional documents will be necessary for both parents of the minor. During the submission process, both parents and guardians should be present. In case this is not possible, specific forms are necessary to provide the reason or reasons for the absent parent. With the additional forms, the application can be denied. So, applying for a child can become difficult for the parent who is applying for the passport. Before you commence the process, make sure you have all the forms and documents to prevent a delay with the process.

The reasons for getting an expedited child passport using expedited services are the same for adults. By choosing to use this option to obtain a child passport, all the requirements must be met. For example:

  1. A passport is in need in two weeks or less
  2. Proof of travel can be provided
  3. All forms are completed, and supporting documents can be provided

Expedited Child Passport Checklist

A checklist of the forms and documents are created to avoid a delay during the process. As per routine processing, both parents must be present, but with expedited services, neither must be but all documents must be completed. Please follow the checklist and to have all the documents ready for submission. Here is the list:

  1. Complete Form DS-11New Passport Application Form
    • Complete this form if you are applying for a new passport
  2. Complete Form DS-3053 Parental Consent Form
    • The absent parent or guardian must complete this form
    • If both parents signed Form DS-11, then Form DS-3053 is not necessary
  3. Complete Form DS-5525 Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances
    • This form must be completed by the parent/guardian applying for the passport if the other absent parent/guardian is unavailable to sign Form DS-3053
    • Documents that give evidence of an unavailable absent parent/guardian can be court orders, police reports, incarceration, or death certificate
    • If both parents signed Form DS-11, or absent parent/guardian signed Form DS-3053, then Form DS-5525 is not necessary
  4. Provide Proof of US Citizenship
    • Original copy or certified copy of Birth Certificate
    • Original copy of Certificate of Naturalization
    • Original copy of Birth Abroad Certificate (if the child was born outside the US)
  5. One Passport Photo
    • Photo must be taken in the last six months
    • Must be two inches by two inches with white background
    • The picture must be in color
    • You must be facing forward and not wearing glasses
  6. Copy of Valid Parent Photo ID
    • Copy both sides of a valid driver’s license, government, state, or Military ID
    • Your ID must be at least six months old
    • Use supplemental ID if you do not have a government-issued ID
  7. Proof of Departure within two weeks or less
    • Copy of flight itinerary
    • Copy of E-mail confirmation after booking a flight
    • Copy of a letter from your job stating you will be traveling on a specific day
  8. Submit Two Letters of Authorization
    • A letter will give the expeditor permission, on your behalf, to receive your passport
  9. Pay Fees
    • Application Fee
    • Expedited Fee

By completing all the forms and having all the necessary documents, including certified or original copies, the chance of having your new passport is likely to happen.

How fast do you need your new passport? Here is a list of the cost based on a time frame.

Expedited Passport Fees

Time Service Fee Government Fee Total Cost
1 Business day $399.00 $170.00 $569.00
2 Business days $349.00 $170.00 $519.00
3-4 Business days $299.00 $170.00 $469.00
5-7 Business days $249.00 $170.00 $419.00
8-14 Business days $199.00 $170.00 $369.00


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