How Quickly Do You Expedite a Lost or Stolen Passport

Select a Processing Time to Expedite Your Lost or Stolen Passport

How to Expedite a Lost or Stolen US Passport Application

Losing your passport can be terrifying. However, you have the chance to replace your lost or stolen document. If you need a new passport in two weeks or less, expedited service is the best way to get it in a short period. This service applies to anyone who lost or got their passport stolen and for no other reasons. You may apply using expedited services for a replacement passport if:

  1. Your passport was lost or stolen OR
  2. Your passport was still valid at the time it was lost or stolen OR
  3. Your lost or stolen passport expired less than five years ago OR
  4. You have proof of travel in two weeks or less

Steps to Replace a Lost or Stolen Passport

To use expedited services, you must first fill all the forms and gather original or certified copies of supporting documents. Here is a list of steps on which forms to complete and supporting documents to get.

  1. Complete Form DS-11Application For a US Passport

    • Complete this form online and print it
    • Do not print double sided
    • DO NOT SIGN THE FORM until the day you are ready to submit it
  2. Complete DS-64 Statement Regarding a Lost or Stolen US Passport Book and Card

    • Complete this form online and print it
    • When filling this form be specific and give as many details as possible
    • Do not print double sided
  3. Provide Proof of US Citizenship

    • Original copy or certified copy of Birth Certificate
    • Original copy of Certificate of Naturalization
    • Original copy of Birth Abroad Certificate (if the child was born outside the US)
  4. One Passport Photo

    • Photo must be taken in the last six months
    • Must be two inches by two inches with white background
    • The picture must be in color
    • You must be facing forward and not wearing glasses
  5. Submit Two Letters of Authorization

    • Letters will give the expeditor permission, on your behalf, to receive your passport
  6. Copy of Valid Photo ID

    • Copy both sides of a valid driver’s license, government, state, or Military ID
    • Your ID must be at least six months old
    • Use supplemental ID if you do not have a government-issued ID
  7. Proof of Departure within two weeks or less

    • Copy of flight itinerary
    • Copy of E-mail confirmation after booking a flight
    • Copy of a letter from your job stating you will be traveling on a specific day
  8. Pay Fees

    • Application Fee
    • Expedited Fee

Once you have compiled all the forms, documents, and fees, submit them to the expeditor, and they will take care of the rest. Below is a table with the cost based on how soon you need your passport. You can select the best option that suits your needs.

Expedited Lost or Stolen Passport Fees

Time Service Fee Government Fee Total Cost
1 Business day $399.00 $170.00 $569.00
2 Business days $349.00 $170.00 $519.00
3-4 Business days $299.00 $170.00 $469.00
5-7 Business days $249.00 $170.00 $419.00
8-14 Business days $199.00 $170.00 $369.00


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