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Select how fast you want to get your passport processed. Our services comes in four difference speed type from Rush to Same Day Passport Services.


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Process on How to Expedite a New Passport

Are you getting a passport for the first time and is using expedited services to get your document? This website will provide all the information you will need to start the process. With expedited services, you can get a new passport in 2-3 weeks or 24-48 hours depending on your need. But before you use this service, make sure you have all the requirements before you apply for a passport.

Expedited New Passport Procedures

Below are the steps you will take to get a new passport. If you are not sure about what you must do, we will answer any questions you have. Please start by completing all the necessary forms and collect all the supporting documents to avoid any delay during the process. Follow these steps, and you will have your new document in no time. These are the steps an adult would take to obtain a passport:

  1. Complete Form DS-11 New Passport Application Form
    • This form can be completed online, and then you print it
    • Do not print double sided
    • DO NOT SIGN THE FORM until the day you are ready to submit it
  2. Provide Proof of US Citizenship
    • Original copy or certified copy of Birth Certificate
    • Original copy of Certificate of Naturalization
    • Original copy of Birth Abroad Certificate (if the child was born outside the US)
  3. One Passport Photo
    • Photo must be taken in the last six months
    • Must be two inches by two inches with white background
    • The picture must be in color
    • You must be facing forward and not wearing glasses
  4. Copy of Valid Photo ID
    • Copy both sides of a valid driver’s license, government, state, or Military ID
    • Your ID must be at least six months old
    • Use supplemental ID if you do not have a government-issued ID
  5. Proof of Departure within two weeks or less
    • Copy of flight itinerary
    • Copy of E-mail confirmation after booking a flight
    • Copy of a letter from your job stating you will be traveling on a specific day
  6. Submit Two Letters of Authorization
    • Letters will give the expeditor permission, on your behalf, to receive your passport
  7. Pay Fees

Once all the documents are put together and submitted to the expeditor, you, the applicant, will just wait for the new passport. The cost of service will vary according to how soon you need the passport. Most expedited service companies rates are based on the quickness of obtaining your new passport.

How fast do you need your new passport? Here is a list of the cost based on a time frame.

Expedited New Passport Fees

Time Service Fee Government Fee Total Cost
1 Business day $399.00 $170.00 $569.00
2 Business days $349.00 $170.00 $519.00
3-4 Business days $299.00 $170.00 $469.00
5-7 Business days $249.00 $170.00 $419.00
8-14 Business days $199.00 $170.00 $369.00


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Process on Getting a Expedited New Passport

Apply Online

Our easy to use portal give you the option to order your new passport fast online.

Prepare Application

Our highly trained customer services team would help you prepare to expedite your new passport application.

Process Application

Once process our team would securely process your passport application.

Document Delivery

Your passport is delivered back to your doorstep securely with FEDEX Shipping.

Why Choose National Passport Service

Dedicated Personal Account Manager

National Passport Service is a private passport and visa processing company. Our dedicated personal account manager would guide you on getting your passport securely and one time.

Customer Services

Our customer service team is here to help with any question you may have about your expedited passport application.

Safe and Secure Processing

National Passport Service is equipt to handle your passport application securely.

Offices Around the Country

With offices around the United States, we are able to expedite your passport fast.

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