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How to Expedite a Passport Name Change

There are many reasons to renew a passport and one can be because of a name change. Changing your name may have been the last thing you thought might have to happen to you. Regardless of how it came about, you can apply for a new passport by submitting the documents with your new name. The documents you provide must be official and with the appropriate seal or stamp. Unofficial papers will not be accepted and will slow the application process down. So, before you process with the application process, make sure the list below applies to you.

There are many reasons to renew a passport and one can be because of a name change. If you change your first, last, or both names legally for one or more of the reasons listed below and need a passport in two weeks or less, you can proceed with expedited passport service.

  1. You got married OR
  2. You got a divorce OR
  3. You got adopted OR
  4. Dislike current name OR
  5. Change child’s last name to mother’s or father’s last name

Required Documents For Name Change

Expedited services will require that you complete all the forms and gather all the supporting documents on your own. Below is a list of what you must provide to the expeditor. You can check off the list as you gather and complete the forms. Since you already have a passport and need to renew it, you do not need to complete Form DS-11. Start with:

  1. Form DS-5504 Name Change, Data Correction, and Limited Passport Book Replacement
    • Complete this form online and print it
    • DO NOT SIGN THE FORM until the day of submission
  2. Submit One Passport Photo
    • Photo must be taken in the last six months
    • Must be two inches by two inches with white background
    • The picture must be in color
    • You must be facing forward and not wearing glasses
  3. Proof of Departure Within Two Weeks or Less
    • Copy of flight itinerary
    • Copy of E-mail confirmation after booking a flight
    • Copy of a letter from your job stating you will be traveling on a specific day
  4. Passport Book
    • Submit current passport book (must be in good condition and without missing pages)
  5. Submit Two Letters of Authorization
    • Letters will give the expeditor permission, on your behalf, to receive your passport
  6. Pay Fees
    • Application Fee
    • Expedited Fee

Once you have completed the list, you are well on your way to getting your passport with your new name. The cost of expedited services varies according to how soon you will need your passport. Below is a table with the fees and total cost of the service. You can select whichever option you want and pay the price.

Expedited Passport Name Change Fees

Time Expedited Fee Government Fee Total Cost
1 Business day $399.00 $170.00 $569.00
2 Business days $349.00 $170.00 $519.00
3-4 Business days $299.00 $170.00 $469.00
5-7 Business days $249.00 $170.00 $419.00
8-14 Business days $199.00 $170.00 $369.00
15-20 Business days $99.00 $170.00 $269.00


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