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Steps to Getting a Replacement Passport

Replacing a passport can be the result of many things happening to the current one. Regardless of owning one before, you can get a new passport if you follow the steps set by the State Department. To expedite passport replacement will decrease the time it takes toward the process. With that said, to accelerate your application, Visa PassportPro can get you a new passport in 24-48 hours or within two (2) weeks. It will still be sooner than the time the office has to offer.

Reasons to Replace a Passport

Lost or Stolen Passport. The moment you realize your document is missing is when you notify the State Department. When you do hold will be placed on the document. With the hold, the passport will be invalid and cannot be used. It also prevents someone from assuming your identity to travel inside and outside the country.

To expedite passport replacement, complete Forms DS-11, and DS-64. Form DS-11 is the Application for a U.S. passport, and Form DS-64 is the Statement Regarding a Lost or Stolen Passport. Along with these forms, other documents are required to support the application. Such documents are:

  • proof of U.S. citizenship
  • one (1) passport size photo
  • photocopy of your driver’s license or state ID (front and back)
  • evidence of travel plans
  • application fees

Damaged Passport. A passport with missing pages or soiled because of water is deemed invalid and cannot be used to travel. So, you possess such a passport, replacing it is your best choice. Having the passport is import because you must submit it along with the application and supporting documents to get a new one. Without the passport, you must use a different form to replace the damaged one.

To expedite passport replacement for a damaged one, complete Form DS-11. Include a signed statement explaining how the document was destroyed and when. Also:

  • proof of U.S. citizenship
  • one (1) passport size photo
  • a photocopy of your state ID or driver’s license (front and back)
  • proof of travel
  • application fees

Name Change. If you recently got married or divorce and want to change your name, you can apply for a new passport. If you changed your name legally, you could also apply to replace the current passport. Regardless of the reason, the form to complete is based on how long you had the document. If your passport is less than a year old, complete Form DS-5504 to replace it. You must complete Form DS-82 if it is older than a year. Form DS-11 must accompany either of the forms mentions above.

To expedite passport replacement because of a name change, submit the forms, supporting documents, and fees. The supporting documents include:

  • proof of U.S. citizenship
  • one (1) passport size photo
  • copies of your state ID or driver’s license (front and back)
  • evidence of travel
  • application fees

Minor Passport. When applying for a minor’s passport, more documents are when compared to an adult passport; especially, if both parents are not included in the application during submission. Nevertheless, the application can get expedited with all the proper documents.

To expedite passport replacement for a minor, complete Form DS-11, Form DS-3053 (completed by absent parent or guardian), and Form DS-5525 (completed by the parent or guardian who is applying for the minor). Submit the last two (2) forms only if one (1) parent or guardian is not present, cannot be located, incarcerated, or deceased. Also, include in the application:

  • proof of U.S. citizenship for the minor
  • one (1) passport size photo
  • a copy of parent ID (front and back)
  • proof of travel plans
  • application fees

Expedited Passport Replacement Fees

The fees below will reflect the total cost that includes Visa PassportPro service fee, the Government fee for a new passport.

Time Service Fee Government Fee Total Cost
1 Business Day $399.00 $170.00 $569.00
   2 Business Days $349.00 $170.00 $519.00
3-4 Business Days $299.00 $170.00 $469.00
5-7 Business Days $249.00 $170.00 $419.00
8-14 Business Days $199.00 $170.00 $369.00


Expedited passport replacement can be done if all the necessary documents and the fees are submitted to start the process. The usual passport acceptance facilities like the post office will not provide a passport sooner than two (2) weeks. So, if your trip is earlier than two weeks, Visa PassportPro can get you your travel document so that you will make your trip.


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