It can become confusing when you want to apply for a passport, and then you come across so many different forms. Well, no need to worry. Here is a breakdown of the different passport application forms and which one to use. You will also realize that some forms apply only for minors and likewise for adults. Each type of form comes with instructional sheets as a guide on how to complete the form and a list of additional documents to support the form. Read this section carefully before completing the form and get gather the documents to submit.

Passport Forms

Form DS-11 Application for a New U.S. Passport Book or Card – First-time applicants use form DS-11, regardless if the applicant is a minor or an adult. You may also use it if your passport expired over five years. For example, if your passport expired since 2010 and now you want to renew it now, you must complete a DS-11 Form. If you change your name legally, you must complete Form DS-11 as well. Since a child passport cannot be renewed, the adult applying for the child must submit Form DS-11 to get a new passport for the minor. Apart from getting a passport book, you can use DS-11 to get a passport card for either a minor or an adult.

Form DS-82 U.S. Passport Renewal Application – Form DS-82 is used to replace an expired passport. Only if you had a passport before and it expired within the last five years should you complete this form. Adult applicants and not a minor use the form. You must possess your passport, and it must be in good condition without damage or any missing pages. A minor at the age of 16 and over can use Form DS-82 to get a new passport.

Form DS-64 Statement Regarding a Lost or Stolen Passport Book and or Card – Complete Form DS-64 if your passport book or card is missing. Once you report the document missing to the State Department and you find it, later on, it will be invalid. Form DS-64 will accompany Form DS-11 when you apply for a new passport. Both applicants, minor or adult, must complete and submit a DS-64 and DS-11 Form when applying.

Form DS-3053 Statement of Consent – This form is used when the application is for a minor and one parent or guardian is not present to apply. The absent parent or guardian must complete Form DS-3053 and have it notarized. Only then is the form valid and ready for submission. DS-3053 accompanies Form DS-11 at the submission of the application.

Form DS- 5525 Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances – Form DS-5525 is used if the absent parent or guardian cannot be located, incarcerated, deceased, or a single adopted parent or guardian. The parent applying for the minor passport must complete the form and submit proof of the appropriate circumstance. The form accompanies Form DS-11 at the submission of the application.

Form DS-5504 Correction, Name Change, and Limited Passport Holders – Complete Form DS-5504 if you change your name legally like by marriage, divorce, or adoption. Submit the form within the first year of the name change; otherwise, you must complete Form DS-11 only. You may also complete Form DS-5504 if your current passport or card has your name incorrectly spelled. If your current passport was issued with two years or less validity, then complete DS-5504. Both adult and minor can use this form when applying for a new passport.

Supporting Documents

A passport application consists of a form and supporting documents. With either, you cannot get a passport. The supporting documents will provide proof of citizenship and the identity of the applicant. There is a list of the primary supporting documents. If the applicant does not have some of the primary documents, the State Department will accept the secondary documents. Once all the documents meet the requirements, the application gets process.

Primary Supporting Documents

There are fewer documents that are considered primary than there are of secondary. Here is a list of primary documents:

  • S. Birth Certificate
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certification of Birth
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Certificate of Citizen
  • Expired U.S. Passport

Secondary Supporting Documents

  • State Issued ID – Driver’s License, State ID, or Green Card
  • Birth Certificate of your native country
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • S. Census Records
  • Early School Records
  • Doctor’s Records
  • Adoption Decree

The list of secondary documents may continue, but these are the more significant records or documents the State Department recommends. You do not need to provide all of these documents at once. Each form will indicate the primary documents required and the secondary ones when the primary is not immediately available to the applicant.