A second passport is granted under certain circumstances. The State Department strongly recommends only one valid passport per U.S. citizens but will issue a second passport based on the individual needs. So, to get a second passport, you must submit some necessary documents.

Second Passport Requirements

  • You submit your passport for a visa and now have an emergency trip that requires a passport to travel
  • Your current passport has stamps that may prevent you from entering another country because of international disputes with the countries you previously visited
  • If you are in between trips and unable to travel with your current passport

Required Documents for a Second Passport

To obtain a second passport, you must provide these documents to the State Department before approval. The reason to receive a second passport must be valid. Otherwise, your application will get denied. So, submit:

  • Form DS-11 Application for a New Passport
  • DS-82 Passport Renewal Application if your current passport will expire soon
  • A written statement stating the reason you will need a second passport
  • Two identical passport photos less than three months old
  • A signed letter of authorization if you will hire an expediting company
  • Pay the cost

Applying for a Second Passport

Fill out the form. To start the application process, complete the correct form. You may complete Form DS-11 if you still have a valid passport. If your current passport will expire soon, then complete Form DS-82. The newly issued passport will only be valid for two years and cannot be renewed.

Gather Your Supporting Documents. The same documents you will need to get a standard passport book, you will need for a second passport. You must provide proof of citizenship and identity. Passport size photos as well. Also, give a letter stating the reason you need a second passport. Once you have all the necessary papers, package them.

Submit Your Application. Submit all the documents in one package. Remember to include the fees in the package. If you choose standard processing, it will take 4 to 8 weeks. You may use expedited processing at the post office, but it will take 2 to 3 weeks before you get your second passport. However, expedited processing at an agency or company can get you a second passport in one day. The price at any of these sites will be more than the service at the post office.