Getting a U.S. passport can take some time when applicants choose conventional processing to process the application. Regardless of the processing time, most people are excited to have their travel document. Especially, if it is the first time, they will own a passport or will travel outside the U.S.

A U.S. passport is an import document, and the bearer of it should always safeguard it. By keeping it safe, you can prevent it from damage or loss. Especially losing it since we live in a time where identity theft is widespread and you would not want another person using your name under any circumstances.

Know when your U.S. passport expires

Possessing a passport is as essential as knowing how long it is valid. So, do you know how long a U.S. passport is valid? Passports have different validity when it comes to an adult and a minor. For this reason, the cost for each is different. An adult passport costs more than a child. When an adult applies for a passport, the price includes the application fee and the execution fee. The application fee is $110.00, and the execution fee is $35.00.  So, it will cost an adult $145.00 for a passport that is valid for ten (10) years.

The price of a minor’s passport is less than an adult passport. The price includes the application and execution fees. However, the application fee is $85.00, and the execution fee is $35.00. So, the cost of a minor’s passport is $120.00. One reason for the lower price is a minor’s passport is only valid for five (5) years when compared to an adult who is ten years.

What happens when your U.S. passport expires?

An adult with an expired passport can apply by completing a passport renewal application, From DS-82. To complete the process, submit the form and pay the fee and you will have a new passport valid for another ten (10) years. However, a minor passport cannot be renewed. A new application, DS-11, must be summited and the passport will be valid for five (5) years. Only when the minor reaches sixteen (16) years will he or she is given an adult passport.