Most countries outside the U.S require a passport to enter, regardless of the point of entry. So, if your next trip is to one of these countries, then you must apply for a passport. A passport requires a specific application form and supporting documents when applying. There are different ways to expedite a U.S. passport if you are in a rush to travel and need a passport. How soon you will need the document will determine the price you pay.

There are many places you can submit your documents. There are others who can send the documents on your behalf. To submit your application in person, you can go to a post office nearby. You also have the option to take your papers to the private expediting company or visit a regional passport acceptance agency. With either option, you can get your application expedited.

Expedited Your Application at the Post Office

At the post office, there are two choices to process a passport application. The first is routine that usually takes four to eight weeks to get a passport in the mail. The next option will take two to three weeks but will cost more than the usual time. The choice is known as expedited processing. So, if your trip is less than four weeks and you have proof of travel, you can get your application expedited.

Expedite Your Application at a Private Expeditor

A private expeditor is for applicants who need a passport in less than two weeks. If your trip is in five to ten days, then this one of two options you have to get a passport. You can also get a passport the same day if necessary. A private expeditor requires additional documents than just the application and supporting documents. Since the expeditor will submit your papers, it requires authorization from you, the applicant, to do so. Once you hire an expeditor, the company will provide a list of documents you must submit to proceed with the process.

The price of hiring a private expeditor will be more than going to the post office. Be prepared to pay a substantial amount of money since the service is speedy. Keep in mind that you will travel on the day you want and not have to worry about how you will get your document.

Expedite Your Application at a Regional Passport Agency

A regional passport agency offers only one service, and that is same day service. If you have an emergency and must travel within 24-hours, go to a regional agency. However, there are only 26 regional offices across the U.S. What mean, not every state has an agency and likely the one you live may not. For that reason, regional agencies offer the service to all U.S. citizens.

If you decide to visit a regional agency, you must first get an appointment. To get a meeting date and time, call the National Passport Information Center hotline at 1(877) 487-2778. You can call any time or day and schedule your meeting. However, agencies are in Federal Buildings that are mostly open Monday through Friday and your interview set on one of those days.


Before you visit any site, make sure complete the appropriate form and have all your supporting documents. Not having your papers in order will result with a delay in the process. If you are not sure about the form to complete or the other documents that must accompany the application, search online or visit the post office. A clerk will provide you with the information you need. The private expeditor will do the same by helping you get all the information you need.